Access the Data You Need. When You Need It. Fast.
When originating a loan, time is of the essence. Mortgage VOI and Mortgage VOE leverages The Work Number® to give you needed information at key points in the loan origination lifecycle.

Seamlessly tap into The Work Number® database to help reduce risk, improve the applicant experience and potentially shorten time to close.




Keep Pace With Changing Borrower Employment Trends
Lenders have contended with fluctuating markets, rising interest rates, regulatory pressures, and competition this year. Volatility in the market and a changing workforce have made a risky landscape even more challenging. The Work Number data gives a more complete picture of a borrower's ability to pay. 
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Less Work For You With Industry Leading Coverage


Current and past employment records.


Employers and payroll providers across a variety of industries contribute income and employment data to The Work Number.


Organizations with credentialed verifiers use The Work Number.


Other Mortgage Solutions
See how using The Work Number for verification of mortgage information can help you reduce risk, improve the customer experience and speed time to close at different points throughout the origination process.
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