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Introducing Employment Select +™ —a new addition to The Work Number® suite of solutions, designed to aid mortgage lenders at loan closing by providing a holistic view into your borrower's most recent 35 days of current and prior employment.

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Meeting the Needs of a Rapidly Evolving Industry

The Work Number offers a suite of solutions to meet the unique needs of a rapidly evolving mortgage industry. By leveraging technologies and solutions that provide seamless access to a greater scope of trusted and secure information, lenders can help ensure access to credit and remove barriers to homeownership for consumers.

Highlights of Employment Select +

Just the data you need at loan closinggain peace of mind to help ensure an applicant is still employed and nothing has changed since application and underwriting.

  • See the most recent changes to your borrower's employment by getting current and prior records from the last 35 days
  • Check employment status with Social Security Number (SSN) only
  • Choose the option for a PDF receipt to help manage loan costs
  • Access Employment Select+ through the web, or ask your technology provider about an integration enhancement

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Helping to Unlock New Doors in the Digital Lending Landscape

Over the last two decades, we’ve continued to partner and innovate with the mortgage industry in mind. That’s why our automated income and employment verification solutions work better for lenders—and borrowers too. Learn how our industry-leading solutions are grounded in helping solve real-world problems aligned with the issues lenders face every day in a dynamic lending landscape.

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