Verify Employment and Income Instantly

Expedite lending, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and offer great customer service using your current loan origination technology platform to connect.
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key benefits of the work number

Stop The Swivel Between Systems

Integration with over 60 loan origination technology platforms can give you the power to seamlessly access real-time income and employment data. This can improve operational efficiency and help reduce the need to switch between systems during loan origination.

  • Expedite the loan application experience for faster decisions for consumers to offer a better customer experience.
  • Get instant access to more than 136 million active income and employment records within seconds.
  • Tap into real-time data 24/7 for a more complete customer view.
Offering a Better Way to Work
Technology is great, but using technologies that aren’t connected can be frustrating. Leveraging The Work Number® database from Equifax and our APIs, you can help accelerate time to revenue with data you can bank on that’s simple, streamlined and secure.
Technology Platforms and The Work Number
Learn more about the potential benefits of using technology platforms to help streamline the loan process, reduce risk, and improve the borrower experience with more efficient lending.