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Increase capacity

Help create more effective caseload assignments, determine continued eligibility and process renewals faster.

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Minimize program churn

Avoid increased hours and costs to re-process a new application by using current data for eligibility determinations.

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Boost service delivery

Lower the burden on beneficiaries by maximizing process efficiencies to deliver benefits to those in need more quickly.

Improve efficiency of benefit determinations

Change the game in case management. ICI Case Monitor helps social service agencies improve continuity of benefits by providing program-specific alerts on life changes experienced by beneficiaries, enabling timely decision-making across the benefit lifecycle, from initial determinations to recertifications and renewals.

Income and Employment Verification

Real-time access to income and employment data from The Work Number®, the largest centralized commercial repository of payroll information in the U.S.

Contact Complete™

Validate identity and find new contact information by reviewing available name, address, phone number and email information.

Incarceration Indicators

Search state prisons and local jail records to receive pointer data when an applicant may have been booked, incarcerated or released that indicates further investigation is now required.

Flash Poll: Timely Delivery of Social Service Benefits

GBC surveyed 100 state, county, and local government employees, after screening for involvement with social service benefits administration and policy. Download to learn more about if social service agencies are prepared to track, update, and deliver benefits to their constituents.

Change the GAME in case management with ICI Case Monitor  

Meet with an Equifax team member to learn how Instant Client Insights Case Monitor can benefit your agency.